Friday, October 02, 2009

...And in Other News...

... a new HelgaHume adventure is taking place as we speak. Specifically, this adventure takes the shape of a new little human brewing in my nethers. I am very much looking forward to meeting this person, and will apparently be doing so sometime around February 20th. It will be an Olympic child!

When we first saw the little human, it was in a position so peculiar, the ultrasound tech laughed. The legs and arms were straight up over the head in full-on yoga pose -- clearly, this west-coast lifestyle has gotten to it already. ;-)

Anyhow, this is big news, and with us now being in the 20th week, it was time to share. Next adventure: The HelgaHumes do Parenting! Ack, Heaven help us all... lol

(And for those of you counting backwards, I was NOT actually drinking at the last wine-tasting party, or the goodbye party, or anytime since mid June... it was cranberry juice! Honest.) ^_^