Saturday, September 18, 2010

Backtracking: Movie Reviews part 5

Next 5 movies:

July 3, 2009: I lo
ve the movie, "Blue Velvet"! Tonight was my third watching, and I've seen more new layers to it... so cool! (B+)

July 25, 2009: I watched "Top Gun" for the first time tonight... man, what a BAD movie! Stalking as a form of courtship? "Enemies" only mattering insofar as their ability to supply blow-up-able planes to the "plot"? Dialogue that makes little sense at all? That undermining women on the job is acceptable, but undermining men warrants a (manly) hissyfit? No thank you. (F)

August 2, 2009: I am, apparently, the only person alive who does not find Judd Apatow movies funny. There's more to life than penis jokes, and I've seen better writing for female characters in pornography! Funny People is the biggest movie misnomer I've ever come across. (F)

August 6, 2009: I LOVED "Tropic Thunder"! Clever premise, fun writing, good acting and delivery... and an almost-unrecognizable Tom Cruise damn near steals the show in his best role ever! (A)

August 24, 2009: I really enjoyed the movie, "Day Watch"! It's a neat plot, where Light and Dark forces navigate our present, urban reality, and a war between them is about to break out. A little like "Constantine", only MUCH better, and... Russian! For a fun, dreamlike movie, check it out! (A-)

Winner of the Set: "Tropic Thunder"!

Winner so far: Unchanged! It's still "Blade Runner", with runners-up of "Be Kind Rewind" and "Tropic Thunder", in that order.