Thursday, February 09, 2012

HelgaHume Wine Tasting Party VII

Just before our newest HelgaHume was born, we hosted our seventh HelgaHume Wine Tasting Party! It was a great night, and I loved having the chance to catch up with our friends before the baby -- and its impact on our social calendar -- arrived. ;-)

The theme of the wines was "Clash of the Titans", referring to the fact that all six wines were very high ranking and/or winners of their respective parties. It was a competition of the best, and I was eager to find out which wine would reign supreme. The pricepoints ranged from $9 to $28, and were a selection of reds.

Unlike previous parties, where I would order the wines from lightest to chewiest, this party's ordering was determined by random number selection. The last wine won (again), which speaks either to tipsy guests being more charitable judges, or that Victoria just loves, loves, LOVES its Shirazes. I daresay that more research is required on this front! ;-)

Here are some other things I learned:
  • While Ottawa's winners included many different types of grapes, Victoria LOVES its Shiraz! Once again, the Shiraz takes first place. Again, it might be due to order (despite having randomly assigned the order of the wines, the "last" wine was still a Shiraz, thus meaning that the tasters were more drunk while rating it...) Agh, the perils of randomization!
  • Planning a party in the Christmas season is not easy, availability-wise. Live and learn. ;-)

  • Maybe it was the knowledge that all the wines were former champions, or maybe it was the smaller sample size, but the winning wine broke the record for highest score ever (78%)! Our previous record holder was Jacob's Creek Shiraz/CabSav at 77%.

  • Some wines actually DO taste wildly different when paired with food, vs. drinking them alone. Sterling is a perennial favourite of ours for host gifts, and it's delicious with food; but by itself, I found it to be kind of awful, actually.

So without further ado, here are the results of HelgaHume Wine Tasting Party VII! Enjoy!

Surprises abound! Happy wine-tasting, all. :-)