Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Good News!

The movers are arriving at 11 AM tomorrow to deliver our stuff! Thank goodness... sleeping on an air mattress is only fun for the *first* month. ;-) And though it has been hard to wear the same five sweaters over, and over, and over for the past three months, I have been (mostly) successful at resisting the alternative, which of course would be a major shopping spree. But now all my clothes will be joining me here, which is exciting me to no end. It's like Christmas!


(Oh yeah, and there's also furniture coming.) I guess that's good too.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

So, it started raining on Sunday and hasnt stopped yet. There isnt even any soul-restoring sunny spells... just an endless, wet grey. Even indoors is wet. You put on your clothes in the morning, and even they're wet, too. This is really messing with my prairie blood!

...Yes, I am depressed. This rain stuff is way lame. On my walks home, I keep expecting to see some beardy guy building an ark.

The good news is that this is our first completely useless weekend, and we intend to relish it. There will be much wearing of sweatpants, movie watching, uselessness and general slobbishness... after the full weekends we've had, this will be bliss.

Plus, it means we dont have to travel outdoors. Excellent. ;-)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Meet Matthew

Forgive the quality of the pic, but this was the best I could get before he dashed off. And man, when they're not being completely still, these things are FAST!

Will post better picture if I can get one.

Pictures, as Promised

Dave at the international sailing competition.

"Huh?! Since when is SAS cool enough to have its own sailboat?!"

Dave's post-first-day-of-work celebratory drinks!

The Yann Arthus Bertrand "World from Above" exhibit... "Hey, Dave -- Balance on Hawaii!"

Spreading NZ awareness of 'Toba!

Who's Got Internet Connection...? We Do!!!

And not a moment too soon. :-D For the first time in a month and a half, I am sitting in front of an internet-connected Madison, playing my own music and posting for those I love. I even have a nice cup of tea here. Life is good.

Also, our stuff is due to arrive in the country today. While this does not mean we get it today, it's nice to know its nearby. One Canuck couple we recently befriended found that their stuff had been shipped here... via Italy! (Uhm, mover-guys, you're going the wrong way!)

Speaking of Canucks, Dave and I bumped into a 'Pegger during St. Patty's festivities last night! He's a Renfrew & Grosvenor Heights-ian (which, for the non-Peggers, is really close to where I lived for 10 years)... what are the odds of meeting him here, now? Anyhoo, St. Pats was a blast, even without booze. We went out with Nathalie and Brian (Canucks, too) and some people they know, and had a great time dancing to a cover band in a popular pub here. The weird thing is, I never thought I would miss hearing Tragically Hip or Great Big Sea in situations like that... but man, I really do! When Daves' guitar arrives, we already have plans to spread the gospel of Canadian music. ;-)

So, our plan today is to find a veggie market that allegedly opens on Saturdays nearby. Then we have to watch a couple of movies that need to be returned today. Also, we have tickets to see DJ Spooky tonight, which will be fun. So, itll be a full day.

Well, take care, and give my love to the Northern Hemisphere!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

News as of Late

So, after Telecom making us wait a week and a half, as of today we now have an active phone line. Our own internet connection may also be up and running shortly, which I am far too excited about. No more net cafes with creepy smelly gamers surrounding me! Hooray! (Yes, apparently no matter how far away you go, gamers are still creepy and smelly. Luckily this does not seem to be the case for statisticians.) ;-) Anyhoo, the phone number will be (+64 40) 470 - 7775, I think. Will edit the above once I know for sure.

Other than that, the only news is that I have signed up for a biathlon. No, this is not to be used as evidence as any of the following:
a) Karla has been replaced with a Karla-resembling robot
b) Karla has been brainwashed by aliens
..or worst of all,
c) Karla is becoming one of those annoying health-nuts.

Allow me to pre-emptively dispel any and all of these conclusions, and instead assure you that it's a really wussed-down biathlon (3.5k, 10k on a bike, then 1.5k) where you get a cool shirt for participating. Plus, it's sponsored by Special K, which for most of my childhood I believed was a cereal named solely to proclaim my greatness to the cereal-consuming masses. (Hey, I was 5.) ;-) So here are the details...

  • Go Girl Biathlon Site

  • Wish me luck! In the meantime, it's time to enjoy having a phone that works. Hooray!!!