Thursday, March 02, 2006

News as of Late

So, after Telecom making us wait a week and a half, as of today we now have an active phone line. Our own internet connection may also be up and running shortly, which I am far too excited about. No more net cafes with creepy smelly gamers surrounding me! Hooray! (Yes, apparently no matter how far away you go, gamers are still creepy and smelly. Luckily this does not seem to be the case for statisticians.) ;-) Anyhoo, the phone number will be (+64 40) 470 - 7775, I think. Will edit the above once I know for sure.

Other than that, the only news is that I have signed up for a biathlon. No, this is not to be used as evidence as any of the following:
a) Karla has been replaced with a Karla-resembling robot
b) Karla has been brainwashed by aliens
..or worst of all,
c) Karla is becoming one of those annoying health-nuts.

Allow me to pre-emptively dispel any and all of these conclusions, and instead assure you that it's a really wussed-down biathlon (3.5k, 10k on a bike, then 1.5k) where you get a cool shirt for participating. Plus, it's sponsored by Special K, which for most of my childhood I believed was a cereal named solely to proclaim my greatness to the cereal-consuming masses. (Hey, I was 5.) ;-) So here are the details...

  • Go Girl Biathlon Site

  • Wish me luck! In the meantime, it's time to enjoy having a phone that works. Hooray!!!


    Travis said...

    bi·ath·lon (bī-ăth'lən, -lŏn')
    A competition that combines events in cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.

    [BI–1 + Greek āthlon, prize of contest.]

    I was excited to see you interested in improving your marksmanship skills... then I clicked on the website.

    Good for you anyway.


    Margaret said...

    Now THIS will be fun!!
    A biathlon!
    I bet you'll love it! Is it only a run and the bike? Or do they give you a rifle?

    Helga & Hume said...

    No, no rifles this time -- that's for the Advanced Special K Biathlon, held later this year. There will be rifles there so that one can defend oneself during the swimming portion from the penguins armed with lasers. It will be a good time.

    Amanda and Kendra said...

    Good luck.. I shall be waiting and hoping to see if Dave will be standing at the finish line with a camera ready to snap a pic of you at the end of it all... Have Fun!! Love Amanda

    Helga & Hume said...

    CORRECTION: Apprently this is a "DU-athlon", rather than the aforementioned "BI-athlon". My bad... (too bad, I was looking forward to the rifle part.) ;-)

    JeSsIcA!!! said...

    hey i hope 2 c u on msn soon...but i'm not sure what the time difference is so i'm probably online while your sleeping and vice versa..well still hope 2 c u online :P

    Speaka said...

    Good luck in your duathalon!