Friday, March 17, 2006

Who's Got Internet Connection...? We Do!!!

And not a moment too soon. :-D For the first time in a month and a half, I am sitting in front of an internet-connected Madison, playing my own music and posting for those I love. I even have a nice cup of tea here. Life is good.

Also, our stuff is due to arrive in the country today. While this does not mean we get it today, it's nice to know its nearby. One Canuck couple we recently befriended found that their stuff had been shipped here... via Italy! (Uhm, mover-guys, you're going the wrong way!)

Speaking of Canucks, Dave and I bumped into a 'Pegger during St. Patty's festivities last night! He's a Renfrew & Grosvenor Heights-ian (which, for the non-Peggers, is really close to where I lived for 10 years)... what are the odds of meeting him here, now? Anyhoo, St. Pats was a blast, even without booze. We went out with Nathalie and Brian (Canucks, too) and some people they know, and had a great time dancing to a cover band in a popular pub here. The weird thing is, I never thought I would miss hearing Tragically Hip or Great Big Sea in situations like that... but man, I really do! When Daves' guitar arrives, we already have plans to spread the gospel of Canadian music. ;-)

So, our plan today is to find a veggie market that allegedly opens on Saturdays nearby. Then we have to watch a couple of movies that need to be returned today. Also, we have tickets to see DJ Spooky tonight, which will be fun. So, itll be a full day.

Well, take care, and give my love to the Northern Hemisphere!


Speaka said...

We had a great time too! My brother is going to see Great Big Sea tomorrow in Montreal...should be a blast.

Here's hopin' your container doesn't take the same voyage ours did...four months is a long time without a guitar.

Amanda and Kendra said...

It's amazing the amount of canadians you are meeting up with all the way in NZ.... (must be a great place)glad to hear things are well with you both.... take care XOXO

Talie said...

Ola amigos! I had a fantastic time on St. Patty's too. Who'd have thought I would ever try mussels..certainly not anyone from back home. I thought they were amazing..we'll certainly have to go back some time. I look forward to our next get together. I'm happy for you guys--you finally have internet. Cheers, Nat