Friday, March 24, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

So, it started raining on Sunday and hasnt stopped yet. There isnt even any soul-restoring sunny spells... just an endless, wet grey. Even indoors is wet. You put on your clothes in the morning, and even they're wet, too. This is really messing with my prairie blood!

...Yes, I am depressed. This rain stuff is way lame. On my walks home, I keep expecting to see some beardy guy building an ark.

The good news is that this is our first completely useless weekend, and we intend to relish it. There will be much wearing of sweatpants, movie watching, uselessness and general slobbishness... after the full weekends we've had, this will be bliss.

Plus, it means we dont have to travel outdoors. Excellent. ;-)


homey d said...

Kla! I fianlly figured out how to use this ridiculous thing! (forgive me, I am not as savvy with this sort of thing.....I know teeth, not computers!)! I am just beginning my vacation in Vancouver - arrived yesterday. I was delightfully greeted by a couple of cosmopolitans - my week here should be great! So now that I have a computer and the internet at my disposal (I'm staying with my sister!), I thought I would update myself on your life in NZ! What wonderful pics, can't wait to see more! I had to laugh at the banana's and bacon - I think Jules would love it too! I am going to have a go at trying to start up my own blog - it will be about my wedding planning madness - so feel free to check it out. But be patient - it may take this 'virgin-blogger' a bit of time before she gets things up and running!
Hope to talk to you soon! Say hi to Dave and Matthew for me!

Love ya,

Margaret said...

Hi Karla and David,
My computer has been misbehaving lately so I'm behind in checking the blog.
Thanks for the's great to see what you're up to.
After visiting BC where it rained almost every day....I got to like it! But then, I'm a Brit at heart.
Take care of each other...
love from Margaret

wayne said...

Hey Karla and Dave,
Too bad about the rain - hopefully sunshine is on its way soon. Neat picture of the landscape but is the tall building leaning or is it just me. It could be me as I am in the Maple Leaf lounge at Edmonton airport and the diverse availability of free liquor is challenging my decision making ability but not my resistance.
Thanks for the tips on the conference in Aus Karla - am looking inti it.
Still got piles of snow.
It's Fri eve (6:20pm) should be home by midnight and I think mom and I are going to phone - that $10.00 phone card from 7/11 still has 40 minutes on it.Great deal!

wayne said...

I've been reviewing your pictures on the blog and I beleive that same (leaning) building is in an earlier pic (from your apartment) - but it does not appear to be leaning as much in that picture as in the last one. Has anyone else noticed this? All the people here in the Maple Leaf lounge in Edmonton agree that the building is leaning and maybe we should alert the NZ government.
Anyway I have to board the plane right away and bid adieu to Edmonton.
talk to you later

Karla said...

Heya Danielle -- Great to hear from you! Seriously, try the bananas & bacon with pancakes sometime... and dont forget the key ingredient, syrup. Mmmm. :-) Let me know when your wedding blog is up and running -- I sure would like to do girl-wedding-talk soonish!

Karla said...

Good hearing from you last night, mum and dad! Have another drink for me! ;-)

Amanda and Kendra said...

Hi Karla and Dave, hope you guys are enjoying your weekend off...I agree wth Uncle Wayne the building in your pic does seem to be leaning a little more to one way... Anywhoo, the fam sends their love to you and dave... take care, Amanda