Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sudden Death V: Hoisin Lamb Chops on Tangy Bean Sprouts

Hoisin?  Lamb?  Yes please!  And while I'm not usually excited about eating bean sprouts (having read one conspiracy theory too many about them), I was nonetheless eager to give this recipe a go.

Once again, the recipe called for specific brand names of products that aren't available in Canada, so I substituted as necessary.  Nonetheless, I doubt that even using the original brand names could have saved this dish from becoming the drippy, salty, fatty mess it became.  

It was eaten nonetheless, but not with much enthusiasm.  This is a recipe I will definitely not be aiming to make again.

The Verdict:  This slimy waste of a good piece of lamb not only fails, it is Healthy Winter Warmer's most spectacular failure yet!

The Score for Healthy Winter Warmers:  Having now failed its second recipe, the score is three passes out of five.  Given that only one more failure will put the book into the give-away pile, the final recipe needs to be a success for HWW to be kept.  The suspense mounts!

The final, deciding recipe is for ocean perch, which I already know I'll need to substitute with snapper.  Not an auspicious start... we shall see what happens!  

The fate of the book rests with that one recipe.  Stay tuned to find out how it went!