Saturday, February 25, 2006

Blissful Blasphemy

So Dave and I went for breakfast this morning, and I ordered pancakes. This in itself was not unusual -- what WAS unusual was how it was served. Three pancakes were stacked clubhouse-style, with two layers between them. One was of fresh sliced bananas, the other of bacon. Surely this went against all laws of God and man.

But, dear lord, was it DELICIOUS. Try it sometime... it is so wrong, and so right at the very same time. Mmmmm...


Margaret said...

That reminds me of ordering a hamburger in Australia. When we got it there was a layer of beets, and on top of the burger was a fried egg! It was great.
Love to you both.

wayne said...

Sounds delicious
betch there was no real maple syrup!
Heading home from Ottawa as I write - from the ML lounge - nursing a cold with a ceasar.On the way back from Volunteer Canada (Dave will remember the building) I walked by what I'm sure was Dave's old place on McLaren (?). There was still some young fellas living there.
Any way everyone is asking about you guys and they are very envious - the only question I cannot answer is when I am going to visit.

Chris said...

Bananas & bacon. I'm moving there tomorrow.

Snow Byrd Downunder said...

HI Karla & Dave

Angie Mulgrew, friend of your parents, living in Brisbane.

Great to hear how you are settling in to NZ and your surroundings. Isn't fun to discover all the strange things that are so un-Canadian.

My contact details for when you come to Brisbane sometime in the future are
home 7 - 33660250 but mobile is best 0421 764 978

Faye said...

right down my alley. Personnally I think bacon should be one of Canada's food groups. Glad things are going great Karla and Dave.

Amanda and Kendra said...

Sounds good, a little off from plain ol' blueberry or buttermilk but cant go wrong with the fam wanted me to say hello to you from them and they all send their love.... Amanda

JeSsIcA!!! said...

mmmmmmm....bacon :)