Sunday, February 05, 2006

Week One

Statistics New Zealand... the green frontier. No really, the building is six stories of emerald green glass situated on the newly-developed Harbour Quays (pronounced, "Keys", apparently). I almost feel as though I should be skipping to work each day in glittery red shoes with a motley crew of semi-human companions. Well, theres no shoes, but the cicadas are almost big enough to fill the latter requirement.

Stats New Zealand is a neat environment, as well. They allow themselves acronyms that are actually fun. For example, I met someone from the department of SOUL. My division, until recently, was known as SMASH. That's pretty cool, if you ask me. Somehow, I seem to have lucked out with a sweet desk location. View-wise, I have bright turquoise ocean and some rolling green hills from 10:00 to 3:00 (or, for my math-crew, from (3 pi/4) to 2pi). It totally rules, and yes, I seem to be managing to do all the reading despite it. ;-) Work itself is going to be busy... apparently, I will be responsible for a Disability survey, developing an Injury survey, and being a fallback person for a General Social survey. Eep. Luckily, the people there seem really nice, so hopefully I can ease in to the general pace with some help.

Since last week, there are only two other things to report. One, the Rugby Sevens (a special tournament held yearly) is taking place this weekend, and I never have seen anything like it. That has nothing to do with the sport, mind you -- what happens is that groups of people dress up in themes or identically, and then go to the game. Last night Dave and I sat on a bar patio overlooking the crowd and spotted a myriad of Marilyns, a group of Waldos (as in, "Where's"), some barnyard animals, Bravehearts, traffic lights, tribal men, Hooter-girl drag queens, KISS, construction workers, girls in towel wraps, several Supermen, fairies of both genders, Flintsones, men in womens underclothes, Duffmen, and a ton of nurses and policewomen. This is totally incredible, and Dave and I will be partying it up tonight in our Canada gear.

News item two is that Dave found us a great flat. It is tremendously spacious (probably over 1000 sqft) with gleaming red hardwood floors, its own beautiful garden where hibiscus grow like weeds, crown mouldings on high ceilings, and a view which is not done justice by the term "breathtaking". The trade-off is that it needs a good cleaning and polishing, the kitchen is nothing special, and the curb value is nearly negative. Truthfully, Dave had completely written it off when he walked by it the first time. But we were both turned completely around when we saw what a treasure it is. So we signed the lease today, and will have posession Friday next week, by which time some minor flaws will be fixed, and we will be able to start cleaning and furniture-finding. Pictures will come then.

In the meantime, here is a picture of me on top of one of Wellington's hills, overlooking the harbour. This view is a little like the one we have at our new place. Enjoy!


wayne said...

terrific - sounds like some exciting work ahead.
not much new here except that Stephen Harper becomes our Prime Minister today (Mon Feb6).

Margaret said...

I think that's the term for laughing thru the blog!
I'm so glad you figured out how to do the picture thing.
Great View!
I'm completely jealous of the fun you're having.
Love you lots,
Mum M.

Faye said...

Hey Karla this is sweeeet! I have officially bookmarked this site. Hi to Dave. xox Auntie Faye.

Amanda and Kendra said...

Hi Karla and Dave, sounds like everything is falling into place with the finding of the flat, which sounds very nice and with a bit of spit and polish it will be home sweet home in no time(looking forward to seeing some pics.)I must admit I am a tad envious of the the weather in that one photo it is gorgeous.. All our white stuff cant start to go fast enough now.. Steve and Kendra send their love...
Chow, Amanda

Helga & Hume said...

Hi all! Great to hear from you -- will promise to keep this as updated as possible, despite no internet hookup as of yet. :-) Take care!