Thursday, January 26, 2006


We finally got here! Wellington is stunning, and even more than I hoped it would be. It's about 25 degrees with a bright sun and a soft, cool breeze... the very best of Winnipeg's July days.

The people are very friendly, and I have fallen in love with the stores here. Example: I went to a high-end shoe store and admired the merchandise, only to find that the DISPLAY shoes were all size 9 or bigger! Here I've been, having spent most of my vulnerable adolescence being made to feel freakish by size 6 display shoes... I mean, who wears size 6, anyways? Oh no, NZ welcomes the podially enhanced, and I love them for it. ;-)

The place we are staying at is a suite, and while small, is clean and has very friendly staff. It also has all the major appliances, which will help in Dave and my mutual endeavour to accomplish the following:

1) Not eat at restaurants too much (Cash Conservation)
2) Not eat at restaurants too much (Anti-Fatness goal), and most importantly,
3) Rid our room of the awful airplane-travelling stench currently pervading the room, thanks to our respective plane outfits now festering on the room floor.

I promise, pictures will follow once I figure out how to get Madison connected to the net. For those of you who dont know, Madison is my sexy, smart, and wholly wonderful non-human travelling companion, otherwise known as a laptop. (I needed to qualify non-human there, as Dave might get jealous.) ;-)

So no worries, mom and dad -- this whole post just confirms that Dave and I are, in fact, alive... we're even still getting along. ;-) This bodes well. Love you, looking forward to hearing from you!


wayne said...

great to hear from you - look forward to pictures and more discriptive narrative.

Amanda and Kendra said...

great to hear NZ is warm and sunny wonderful for exploring your new stomping ground... looking forward to hearing more and seeing pics..

Margaret said...

Hello Helga& Hume!!
It's fun following the adventures!
I can see Amanda (hi Amanda!) has posted a comment too.
Karla, how was your first day at work?
Love you, Mum XXOO

wayne said...

where are you staying? - a hotel I presume. Mom and I have found a NZ wine here by name of "Glamour Puss" - the red - the white is called "cat-pee on the mulberry bush" and I won't drink it. Is it just an NZ joke on Canada or what. Apparantly its selling like hot cakes.

Margaret said...

Hi Karla and David,
It was great hearing from you the other both sound like you're having a good time.
We're all pretty interested in the apartment keep us informed.
Love from Mum M.

Helga & Hume said...

Hi guys! The wines here are definitely good, but if theres one thing thats blowing me away, its the beer! It is unbelievably cheap, and very good. Conversely, you actually pay as much here for a bottle of Oyster Bay. Strange. Will keep you posted as soon as pictures of the flat are taken. :-) Love you!