Wednesday, January 18, 2006


While residing in Winnipeg, I decided a wise thing to start doing was shopping for THE DRESS. It didnt take me long to discover that I had no talent whatsoever for picking dresses that looked half-decent on me. Luckily, the saleswomen didnt have this same problem, as they found me several very lovely gowns. But above and beyond all the others, we found **the one**... and it is stunning. So, the most time-consuming thing to arrange and obtain has just been taken care of. Three cheers for that!

And of course, no Winnipeg experience is complete without my dad bumping into someone he knows. Now, keeping in mind that a shopping outing for a wedding dress is a MOI-centred experience, one might think that this might be the one time dad wouldnt know someone. Well! We get to the store with THE DRESS, and dad gets a big hug from a man who turns out to be the store owner! (And yes, they knew each other... its not that the owner randomly hugs people... I think....) Seriously, I just cant take my dad anywhere. ;-)


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