Sunday, January 15, 2006

Got the Visa!

As of Friday, last week, I finally got my working visa! Yes folks, it is real, it is beautiful, and best of all, it is in my hands!! I can almost hear the "Hallelujah" music. Now I can board the flight to Wellington sans incident... I hope. I really should stop speaking too soon! heh heh

The visit in Winnipeg has been very restful thus far, with lots of family time. There was one small bout of badness, but a valuable lesson was learned: Don't eat sushi from prairie towns where the average townsperson considers a Tiramisu to be a highly exotic dish. ;-)

But in all seriousness, I really miss my prairie people. Theyre so sensible. Evidence: as a society, they have managed to stave off the INSANE prices associated with the wedding industry, as I have become uncomfortably familiar with. Seriously, what other people could effectively stave off an ubiquitous, insidious industry whose annual worth is more than the combined salaries of the entire populace? If only making a multi-billion-dollar industry one's bitch was always this attainable. I love Winnipeg.

But enough about wedding planning -- life is very, very good. I just got my MA3 promotion, which I am thrilled about! It's just as well that I wasnt at StatCan when I got the news, as I began jumping about and shrieking like a lunatic when I heard. That same day, I also got carded at the liquor store for the first time in years. But for the (no longer Progressive) Conservative lead in polls, life could not be better.

Then again, a Harper Canada might be somewhat easier to leave behind for these months to come... :-/


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