Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Things are starting to shape up

So after a long 'home-hiatus' (Aug-Nov 2007), Karla and I appear to have a livable apartment.

Miracle of miracles!

All the arranging has been a bit much, especially with me gone for the first few weeks of November. I was on a contract in New Brunswick that had me there at least five days a week, leaving Karla to deal with 'box armageddon' here at 60 Cartier Street. She's such a trooper.

Anyway, there have now been multiple Ikea trips, Bay trips and trips around Ottawa to gather up our final bits and pieces. Thanks especially to Faye and Doug for the use of their SUV. And to all our friends who pitched in to make our move happen. What a huge help!

You're all truly the best.

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Anonymous said...

hey glad you are settling well - don't worry there isn't anything Karla can't handle - except maybe bunny abuse.
Dad Helgason