Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Weirdest Wedding Gift

Today, we were able to use our strangest wedding present for the first time.
Now, perhaps you may be looking at the photo thinking, "That's clearly a centrepiece. What's so strange about it?" You would be right; assembled, and in function, the purpose of the piece is clear.

However, when opening a box containing a bizarrely-configured bowl, a cylindrical thing with holes, and then a fish, I was puzzled. The givers didn't help -- my wacky godfather, Keith, and his ultra-fun wife, Colleen told me it was a flower pot… or that they could be lying, and they'd "lost the ladle". ;-)

So the mystery is dispelled, and this gorgeous (though still odd) piece is now in use. Lovely, isn't it? Thanks, Keith & Col!


Anonymous said...

I love it!
Those are the presents that you will still talk about when you're celebrating your 15th wedding anniversary.
By the way, your Dad is really intrigued by Dustin and Leah's knife sharpener.
Love you both, and looking forward to the fun event in June.

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