Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One Year

One year ago today, Dave and I boarded a plane from Auckland, New Zealand to finally come home to Canada.

I had finished work a week or so earlier, and we took our remaining time to explore the northernmost part of New Zealand, the Bay of Islands. It was positively stunning, especially Ninety-mile Beach, which still haunts me to this day.

On the drive to the airport I caught my final glimpse of NZ-specific fauna when I spotted some weird, cartoony pukeko birds. And then we checked in to the airport, managed to get our overheavy bags checked, and prepared for a very, very long day of travel.

Due to passing the Date Line, last year we got two August 12ths. And the travel took so long, it ate up all of both days. To spend some time with our respective families, Dave and I parted ways in Vancouver so that I could proceed to Winnipeg. I never realized how much I missed that shabby, friendly airport. My family, on the other hand, I had missed terribly, so it was wonderful to see them. Then we went home, and after a glass of much-needed wine, I proceeded to sleep the sleep of the dead.
That was my August 12, 2007.

Hard to believe that was a whole year ago, today. Whoa.


Zhu said...

Oh traveling nostalgia... Been there, know that!

We went backpacking in NZ for a few months in 2003. I loved the country... we had bought a (shitty) car and drove from Auckland to Invercagill (spelling? Can't even pronounce it right!)

Where are you living now? Plan to travel again?

PS: love the Winnipeg airport pic. Went there last year and I have the same. Can never get over the fact it looks so small for an int' airport! ;)

Anonymous said...

This was a very full year - we're talking about your very special wedding with more fun for more people than reasonable; the delerium of Ben's 60th birthday; Katie and Charlie's engaging wedding; a "month" of you guys back in Winnipeg; and Ben's 60th party delerium (Oh did I already mention that).....

Anonymous said...

OOPs - Chris Hume's Birthday at Xmas - 07 - sorry I missed that one!

Anonymous said...

It actually feels like three years ago!
I'm glad to have my favourite girl back in Canada (along with the lovely David).
Love from Mum