Monday, February 09, 2009

Things I Miss About New Zealand part 13: The Sevens

I know I've blogged about New Zealand's Rugby Sevens before, but since it happened last weekend, it warrants re-mentioning.

The New Zealand Rugby Sevens are the best event of all time. Rugby teams come from all over the world to compete in 14-minute games over the course of a weekend. But more importantly, thousands upon thousands of Wellington fans stream into the stadium IN COSTUME. Themed costumes, naughty costumes, crazy costumes, and costumes en masse... they're all there! Merriness abounds.

A better time has naught to be had.

Anyhow, this is a slideshow of the nuttiness. Enjoy!

Wellington, I miss you.


Speaka said...

I agree! I miss the Sevens!

barbarella said...

oh yeah!!! totally agree with you! at times Welly can be just amazing!

Anonymous said...

I still remember seeing the first pictures of Karla and David in NZ...and they were full of wacky people in wacky costumes! My first thought was 'Karla's going to LOVE this place!'
Love from your Mum