Thursday, March 19, 2009

Air Canada, I despise you.

The utter ineptitude of this airline is staggering. For those of you reading from the rest of the world, you should feel grateful that you do not have to deal with Air Canada's shabby planes, rude service and diabolically useless website.

I was minding my own business, booking a (somewhat) reasonable fare for my trip to Victoria next week. I selected the flights, went through menu after menu of mandatory Air Canada options, etc, then input my credit card info. After I'd put in all the info, including the extra-special-Visa-password, I click the "Confirm Purchase" button. As in, CONFIRM the PURCHASE I'm obviously in the process of making.

Then, instead of being brought to an Itinerary page, the page reloads with an error message: In the four minutes that have elapsed since selecting the flights, the price has jumped THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS.

As it happens, while I was purchasing the seat, that seat had been bought by someone else. Meaning, Air Canadas' website does not temporarily hold a seat being purchased, even for the standard 5 minutes (which are required to fill out all those damnable fields of information). Those Air Canada cretins built a website in which seats you are purchasing are not guaranteed until the precise moment the credit card is accepted.

(And even then, recalling AC's fondness for randomly cancelling flights and changing itineraries, I suppose the flights aren't all that guaranteed even after purchase.)

Even Ticketmaster holds the seats for you for 3 minutes. And when Ticketmaster is a less barbaric option, you know things are bad.

Air Canada, you have utterly screwed me over. Your useless, needlessly unfair website and unapologetic customer service agents have teamed up to thoroughly sour my mood on my one night off this week.

In sum: You suck, and everyone should be reminded of your suckage. (Not that Canadians ever forget, but we often find ourselves underestimating the sheer scale of the sucking...)


Anonymous said...

C'mon, get a grip of yourself... Must be a biological reaction of having just one night off.

That's the internet for ya!

You're spending way too much energy at being mad and vindictive. Life's too precious to waste like that.

Smile! ;-)

Dave said...

Heh. This is a good and funny description of a maddening experience. I also sent a complaint via their 'customer relations' office.

Will let everyone know if we ever hear back.

Karla said...

Thanks, Dave! :-D

And as for you, "Anonymous", how is it that *I'm* the one you call unpleasant adjectives when I have done nothing wrong? Moreover, "get a grip"? I sincerely urge you to consider that perhaps this blog post IS how I get a grip. :-P

Anonymous said...

you haven't heard of the new Air Canada mooto?

"We're noy happy till you're not happy"

Karla said...


Bob said...

Did you at least get someone in Canada when you phoned customer service? They put me through to someone in India when they lost my luggage. How is someone on the other side of the planet supposed to know where my bags are?