Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wine Tasting Party Chez Helgahume

Last Saturday, I hosted a mystery wine-tasting party, where twenty friends and I tasted seven different types of wine. Each label of wine was totally hidden, so that we needed to determine our preferences based on taste alone.

The evening was a ton of fun, and had some surprising results. So, for your amusement (and reference), here is what everyone said!

The big surprise of the evening was how well the Ontario Pinot Noir did... but hey, you can't argue with tasty! ;-)

So these are the results for the wine tasting party. The next such party is scheduled for June 6, so if you want in, email me!


Neil said...

Not to be a wine (or stats!) snob, but shouldn't you compare the same varietals? Otherwise you just might just be finding that some people prefer a milder flavour, or some people hate chardonnay, etc.

Cool idea!

Jenny - The Wine School said...

Just stumbled upon your site! I truly enjoy your writing. Looking forward to more. Cheers!

Karla said...

Thanks Jenny, that's very kind of you to say! :-) More wine tasting results will be available after the June 6 party... stay tuned!

And Neil, I hear you on the statistical critique... I'd wondered the same thing while planning. ;-) This case is more of an exploratory pilot test than anything else; a straight-up comparison amongst unique, discrete objects rather than variable-driven quantification along any given continuum.

Anonymous said...

so there!!

Wine and stats don't easily mix - something like oil and water!
Good job in creating this "emulsion"

one of the Helgasons