Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We've arrived safely in Victoria, BC, which has greeted me with two things.

The first was Victoria Fringe Festival fanfare, plastered all about the city in efforts to notify the public of impending Fringe awesomeness. (Indeed, the lineup I've spotted, including a repeat performance of the legendary "Power of
Ignorance" seminar, has gotten me excited to check it out!)

The second greeting was a THREE INCH WOLF SPIDER lurking a foot away from the airmattress I was supposed to sleep in. Gyaaaaaaaaahhh! Luckily, he has since been dispatched, and our real furniture has arrived, so the danger seems over... for now. Still, in what way is it beneficial for house-dwelling spiders to grow so big?? It just seems so unnecessary, UNLIKE those efficiently-sized (but still adequately creepy) 1.5" mainland wolf spiders.

Tropical climes seem to be all fun and games, until the giant mutant arachnids start arriving...! ;-)

Mixed greeting circumstances aside, Dave and I are doing very well with settling in to our lovely little place in Victoria. Will post pictures, once it no longer resembles boxworld. ;-)


Tomas said...

Hey Carla: Sounds like you're settling into life in Victoria (with the exception of spiders!) Tell us more about your place; which street are you guys living on? You'll like the weather I reckon. Did you get a relocation from StatsCan. Your husband is prob. laughing at me and the poor performance of the Wallabies in recent weeks. Next week I'm off to Wellington and I think the All-Blacks take on the Springboks that weekend...I'll be leaving just before the game starts though! All the best for a happy fall.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the new place.
Glad you're enjoying the new place.We'll see you soon.
Love from Mum