Sunday, March 07, 2010

RIght on Canada, but what about Norway?

With all the marvelous and deserved flag waving and back patting that's happened after the Olympics, it occurred to me (after a conversation with my Dad, actually) that there is a story that deserves to be told that hasn't.


In the final medal count, they were fourth with 23, just behind our fair country's 26. But wait, compare some simple demographics:

According to Wikipedia, Norway has a population of 4.8 milliion. Whereas Canada's population comes in at roughly 33 million.

In fact, Norway was a top five Olympic finisher with a population roughly the same size as we have here in British Columbia.

This is remarkable, is it not? That a country that small could achieve so much?

Dear world press: please celebrate the achievement of the Norwegians. They might not win at hockey, but boy did they clean up everywhere else.

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Anonymous said...

That is an eye opener. I just love your posts Karla. "Right on Norway"

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall, in the previous Olympics, that it was a coach from the Norway ski team that handed a ski pole to one of our cross country ski team. She had lost or broken hers, and this quick thinking allowed her to ski to a medal. I also think that Canada sent that coach a huge shipment of Maple Syrup as a 'thankyou'!
Love from Margaret (Mum)

Rector Funhouse said...

That's all true but more baby photos!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Karla! Hows motherhood so far?