Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A New Direction

As I was unpacking the contents of our new home, I came across a familiar, red tube that contains my more cherished drawings. Bracing myself for nostalgia, I opened it up to look inside.

...But instead of nostalgia, I found inspiration.

This nude, one of my favourites, was one I did back in New Zealand. Dave had pushed me to take a weekly class, if only to meet new people and to flex my long-atrophied art muscles. I was shy and nervous, but I went, and in pushing my own boundaries of comfort I produced some of my best work.

Sitting on the floor of my new home, beholding this near-forgotten beauty, I remembered how happy I'd been when I was drawing.

And here I am, once again in a new city, once again having gone too long without incorporating art into my life.

As such, I resolve to get involved in the Victoria art community. I resolve to unshackle myself from my comfort zone.

I resolve to get drawing again.


Dave said...

Go get 'em gorgeous. You are such a talent!

Anonymous said...

Any of your art for sale?

Karla said...

D - Aww, thanks, my love. ^_^

A - Wow, I'd never really considered selling any of my art. Though I think I'll have to consider it, on the grounds that it's a much more desirable fate for them than being socked away in a storage tube. Will ponder it, and possibly try selling a few via this blog within the coming months. Stay tuned! :-)