Monday, February 28, 2011

HelgaHume Wine Tasting Party V

Two weeks ago, we held our FIFTH HelgaHume wine tasting party! There were some shocking results, so here be the highlights!

  • The cheapest wine (Paul Mas, $15) won! Not a first time, but still a rare occurrence.
  • The most expensive wine (Cremant de Bourgogne, $25) was LAST place! This has never happened before.
  • France had the first-place wine (Paul Mas) AND the last-place wine (Cremant de Bourgogne)!
  • HelgaHume wine tasting FIRST: A French wine won! Usually they don't do so well at our parties.
  • Sparkling Winner: Seaview from Australia, $17
  • CabSav Winner: J. Lohr from California, $23
  • Malbec Winner: Paul Mas from France $15
  • Wine sequence attrition was higher than usual (as in, more people rating A than G), and definitely skewed the results. If anyone has any ideas on how to curb this, I'm all ears. :-)

And now, for the detailed results:


metawidget said...

Maybe a Latin Squares sort of design on wine order?

Also, it seems your friends don't like (or at least won't admit to liking) sparkling wine :)

Anonymous said...

I noticed that the ranking was in exact reverse order to the order of the tasting.
Could this intoxicate the results?

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