Monday, October 17, 2011

New Camera: This time, it's gonna be different!

I am positively ecstatic to announce that I have finally caved and purchased a new camera! As such, you can expect more pictures to start appearing on this blog. I'm so stoked about this.

My tumultuous relationships with cameras goes back to the earliest digital point-and-shoots. My huge, heavy, battery-devouring, SLOW, unreliable Kodak misbehaved at the best of times, despite the best treatment and care. The next camera, a Sony, was marginally better, but then decided to randomly wash my pictures with psychedelia whenever the air was a little damp. After that, the Nikon ground to a halt when exposed to the tiniest quantity of sand, and then the last camera, my Olympus, incrementally embraced senility to the point of not even *taking pictures* when commanded.

Which makes me think, when it comes to digital cameras, I might be cursed.

So, eschewing the perpetually disappointing point-and-shoots, I decided instead to leap over to the digital SLR camp. (For those of you unfamiliar with the SLR term, it basically means a camera that looks old-school, with a big lens, but it's digital. And spiffy.)

Because this time it's gonna be different. Surely, the curse won't follow me over to a totally different type of camera, right? . ...Right??

So after a ton of research, I settled on an entry-level Canon (Rebel XS), and am now setting about learning how to actually *use* it. My dream is to eventually post rich, beautiful pictures on this blog... but hey, one step at a time, right? ;-)

Anyhow, wish me luck! Feel free to leave me your camera tips/stories/woes in the comments, would love to hear em!


LRF said...

You probably did well... our Canon A640 just survived FIVE days outdoors, including a day of heavy rain. The Canon before that was a pocket-style and we maimed it by going from cold to warm. Anyway, good luck with the shooting!

Nicole Hart said...

I have had only 2 digital cameras in the last 10 years and they have both been Canon. My husband and I have both loved the quality of the pictures from our pocket camera and we have taken it travelling and backpacking so it has seen rain, wind, sand, heat, and you name it! I am sure you will love it. Our new one we bought just before Dylan was born and it was one of the best purchases we made pre-baby. Happy shooting!

Amanda Francis said...

I own a Canon T2i... and I'm in love. It's my first SLR after a line of garbage cameras (last one an Olympus also!) so I feel your pain! Congrats and enjoy :)