Sunday, April 23, 2006

Feeling Accomplished

So, I just finished my first presentation for work. Granted, it was only for a half-dozen people or so, but it was well-received despite being first thing on a Monday morning. (Personally, I have a hard time receiving anything well on a Monday morning, unless it's more sleep!) ;-) I think I even answered the questions intelligently, which is definitely a good feeling. Hooray!
Also, it turns out that in the duathlon I ran last weekend, I placed fairly decently (about average). Meaning, I ran 5k and biked 10 in 68 minutes. Who would have thought it? But seriously, there is to be no worries about me becoming a health-nut. ;-) I just do these things so I can eat more Tim Tams (which are DELICIOUS cookies sold only in Oz and NZ).

Of a less good note is that the "professional" pictures from the duathlon didnt turn out so well. Who would have thought that people dont look very attractive while exherting themselves to within an inch of their lives? Needless to say, I was far too concerned with things like persuading one foot to go in front of the other to notice the evil cameramen lurking around the corner to take unflattering pictures of me. Damn paparazzi. Boo, I say! Luckily, Dave took a few before and after, when I was in a state of not being dead. Not to say that those are much more flattering, especially given my unfortunate placing of the race number, but still less bad.

If there is one thing that can pick a tired girl up after running a duathlon....'s remembering that Lent is over, so a good, cold brew is on the menu for relaxation! Bonus, eh?


Speaka said...


Margaret said...

Way to go Karla!!
I think the pictures were great, so thank the cameraman!
I bet that first beer tasted pretty good, eh?
Love you,

Karla said...

The first beer was fabulous... but the problem's been that I havent since been able to drink one or two beer without seriously feeling it! ;-)

wayne said...

Good going
I'm printing off the finish line picture and telling everyone that you were first. After all it was a "first" time!!
carefull for the beer

Amanda and Kendra said...

Go Karla Go!!! you look great in the pics... It looked like they had a really big turn out for the event.... It was great talking to you the other night on msn.... take care love ya lots...

Karla said...

Love you too, guys! Yeah, the turnout was a huge success -- over 1200 people ran in total, the majority of whom had never done anything like that before. The whole environment was ultra supportive... crowds of strangers on the street would cheer us all on from their cars, balconies, spots on the beach, etc. It was a very cool experience. :-)