Sunday, April 30, 2006

So How's This for Coming Outta Left Field?

New, legally appropriate measures of hazing have evolved, apparently. While certainly better than the kind of hazing that used to occur, it is nonetheless a shock to learn of the new methods. Particularly in the form of your lovely fiance coming home and announcing, with some trepidation, that he has been volun-told by his rugby team to enter an upcoming Mr. Universe contest. This contest includes, but will not be limited to, a drinking contest, a pick-up line contest, an eveningwear contest, and of course, a swimsuit competition.

Eventually, the hysterical laughter subsided. We will be prepping for this ahead of time -- I mean, how cool would it be if he won!? -- but in the meantime, I thought you might get a chuckle out of this. I know I sure did. ;-)


Speaka said...

Good luck Dave with the upcoming contest!

Amanda and Kendra said...

HAHAHA!! YES DAVID!!! You must keep us updated on your progress to becoming Mr. Universe... Steve did not believe the news until he read it for himself... we are all cheering you on... For the swim suit comp. will you be going for the surfer short look or classic speedo....Good luck!! Love you guys lots XOXO

Talie said...

Good luck Dave! I hope to see you after the competition at our place for celebration, a game or two of poker, some guitar playing and lots of laughs. cheers Nat

Karla said...

You bet you'll see him later, but his level of sobriety might be dubious. ;-)

Hehehe, right now we're deciding about the bathing suit. Dave does have nice, new surfer shorts, which are a definite option, but does not own a speedo.

What he DOES own is a pair of stylish (opaque and Speedo-like) boxer-briefs we bought in Montreal -- bright pink with red piping -- on which I have since fabric-painted in blue and gold, "Humey". (It's a long story.)

Votes, anyone?

Faye said...

Can hardly wait to read all about the results of Mr. Universe. My vote just HAS to go with the surfer shorts. While not as revealing perhaps, I fear speedos or anything resembling them will no doubt lead to Dave's eternal regret. Remember can NEVER take it back!!