Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend of Mayhem, Part One

In case further confirmation was needed of Dave's and my mutual inability to keep dates straight, we have gotten it this weekend.
;-) A fortunate turn of events stemming from seemingly mysterious baking behaviour revealed that the Poker night with Brian and Nathalie was in fact a different night than the Mr. Universe competition. (She was baking for the party on a Thursday, thus casting into extreme doubt my understanding that the party was on the Saturday.)

So, a fabulous time was had at Poker on Friday -- so much so, that Dave and I didnt make it home until the next afternoon. ;-) Not too much money was lost overall, and as more alcohol was consumed, there was much enjoyment of Dance Dance Revolution. The potluck (which Kiwis call, "Bring a Plate") was also a considerable success, as the Caesar salad was well-received. One partygoer came a little too close to an untimely death by persistently making guesses as to the secret ingredients -- he just didn't buy that it really was "love". Or lots of garlic... sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. ;-)

The evening wound up around 3AM with an enthusiastic though inebriated round of Karaoke Revolution, which is always a hoot, and later a sing-along courtesy of both Brian's and Dave's guitar skills. It was a good way to wrap up a fun night.

...But the weekend of madness wasn't over yet!

(to be continued...)


Margaret said...

Looks like a good time was had by all.....
Love from Mum

wayne said...

looks like a good party - was anyone able to do a good Willie Nelson? - or will you have to wait untill I get there.

Karla said...

No one does Willie Nelson quite like you, dad. Maybe not even Willie. (I just thank my lucky stars if you're not singin Patsy Cline!) ;-)

Faye said...

Me too, no Patsy Cline for that brother of mine..(I wouldn't want him to show me up if I came over there to belt out a little Patsy for you guys!) I'm looking forward to Weekend of Mayhem, Part Two.