Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Ok, so these are the rocks that you see when speeding along the coastal road. On our first pass-by, nothing seemed special about them... we were too busy looking for seals.

So on our way back, no longer expecting to see any seals, I see this rottweiler-like head poke out of some long grass. We stop to investigate, and sure enough, it's a seal. And another one, and another one. They are sooooo cute!
Here are the pictures... none of them are that close, since I didnt want to get too near to any wild animal that's significantly bigger than me. ;-)

What was also really interesting is that, once you know what to look for, the otherwise-unremarkable rocks become teeming cities of seals! This shot gives you a better look at that. There's at least a dozen in that shot... can you find them? ;-)


Speaka said...

"Seal"ing cool!

(much more amusing when you use the French word for seal)

wayne said...

hey Karla
this sounds reminiscent of when we canoed up (against the current) the pirannah laden Belize river in South America where; in part due to our heavy paddeling, we saw no iguannas in the trees. However on the way back, with the current and better attention, we saw gazillions. You may not remember as you were only 8 years old.

Karla said...

It was exactly like that. And you bet I remember -- those wild iguanas are huge! I remember thinking, how on earth could anything so weird looking blend into a background so well? But sure enough, they were nearly invisible.

Talie said...

We loved your seal pictures so much that we headed to wairapa this sunday and took heaps of our own photos. The seals were so impressive. What a great day!

Margaret said...

What a treat to catch up on the blog!
The house is getting repainted and everything is under plastic sheets.
The scenery in the blog photos is beautiful, but it's weird to see you guys in jackets when we finally have sun and warmth.
I'm glad you didn't get too close to the seals....I read somewhere they were unpredictable.
Love to you both, and Karla, I miss you LOTS!
Mum XO