Saturday, May 13, 2006

So here I am, finally

So, I have to say, I am lame for taking this long to post.

Karla, I think everyone would agree, has been doing a fantastic job with this blog. But it's time I put some stuff up too. I sure hope I can be as good and fun and entertaining as she is.

Yesterday I played a full 80 minutes at my regular Saturday afternoon rugby game. And today, I am truly, truly, truly sore. Hurling yourself at 200-250 pound grown men for an hour and twenty minutes will do that to you, I guess. But good Lord is it ever fun. I never knew I liked knocking into people so much. And the beers that happen right after the game are terrific--as you come into the lockerroom, tired, muddy, bloody and sweaty, some guy hands you a Cold One. I don't think anything is ever so tasty as cold beer after a hard physical effort.

Everything is really well organized too. We have uniforms, team socks, fully refereed games, the works! There's an unofficial 'clubhouse' at this bar at the Cambridge Hotel here in town. My team is called the Pink Ginners, my handle is 'Moose'. See me intimidating the competition here and in all my glorious form here.

As for Karla's post on the Mr. OBU/Universe competition, she described everything really well, and I gotta say I had just a great time. Everybody 'backstage' was really cool, and cheered everyone who went out there on in a big way. I still think I should have placed though. None of us internationals (the sock man was from Vermont, USA) got even a nod, and we were bloody entertaining (especially me!).

Anyway, can't really complain. Though I never want to drink a litre and a half of beer that quickly ever again. On the other hand, it kind of helped a fella cut loose, which was definitely a good thing given the competition. It also helped me ignore the dishpit that was my changing room. Ugh. And me trying to get in and out of my good suit.

Will try and keep posting more regularly, and maybe throw up some links to stuff that I come across that I find interesting. Hope it all works! TTFN!

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Amanda and Kendra said...

Good seeing something from you Dave.. Karla is great at keeping us posted and the blog is a big hit... I have a couple of friends who are into rugby and from watching them it is a brutal game... Fun to watch as I am sure it is to play .. I think the canuk toque was a great idea as well as the throwing water on self... Along with the knee sock they must of been some of many highlights of the night.. Chow, Amanda