Friday, June 09, 2006

By the way...

...welcome to New Zealand winter.

Don't be fooled, though -- it's only this nice when you're in the sun. And also, as houses are both unheated and uninsulated, butter at room temperature is completely solid, and at nights one can often see one's own breath while watching TV. So, it's not paradise.

But it sure beats snow! ;-)


Amanda and Kendra said...

nice pic karla, your laptop please forgive me for forgetting her name looks a great deal like mine... however i am having some troubles being able to stay connected to the internet and i was wondering if you knew if that is normal or not?? you look great and i hope things are great and say hi to dave.... chow

Karla said...

Your laptop looks like Madison? That's cool -- fairly useless customer service techs aside, my Gateway has been pretty good to me. As for internet connectivity, do you usually connect by wires or wireless? Let me know.

Speaka said...

Maybe you should've posted a pic of today as "welcome to NZ winter".

The weather forecast for today was: cold, northerly this morning and wet gusty southerly this afternoon. Gusts 120kmh-150kmh thoughout North Island.

BritinCanada said...

Well I love the winters here so im looking forward to minus 40

I am English so im crazy anyway

But you guys make me jealous I look at what Jenn and myself did this weekend (not a lot) Drank beer sat around a bit .

Then I look at you blog you guys look like your having lots of fun enjoy .

Well take care enjoy the cold winter and hopefully see you guys back in winterpeg

Yours Clive

wayne said...

Hey Karla,
As one who has endured our long winters here in Winnipeg,your displeasure -for our benefit I'm sure -seems to be slightly overstated. Remember the 30 seconds to freeze exposed skin as you were walking to the bus stop to get to your classes at the U of Man - almost a 1/4 mile walk. Hey! how come this blog response is shorter than my full response would require. There is only one thing other thing I want to say -the very essence of life is

Karla said...

...driving your kids nuts? ;-) LOL Naw, I'm joking. Anyhoo, you're absolutely right -- four months in a maritime climate has darn near made me soft. But all the same, when was the last time YOUR kitchen was 6C? ;-)