Monday, June 19, 2006

Cool thing today

So, today is a very rainy day in Wellington. Little slivers of ice that are passing for rain are making walking around (which Karla and I do a lot of) very miserable.

Nevertheless, a neat thing happened today that I thought I'd share.

I went over to the Parliament buildings today for a meeting with some people to talk about the project I'm working on, which has to do with MPs making better use of technology. Heading up the elevator I had a brief chat with a woman who got on with me, apparently just finishing a visit with some school kids touring the building.

She made quite an impression--she was expensively dressed, had these neat designer glasses that seemed to incorporate the New Zealand fern, and just had a lot of 'presence'. I figured she was probably one of the MPs, maybe even a Minister. We chatted heading up the elevator about the kids she had just met, and how she enjoyed doing those sorts of things.

Anyway, I came out of the elvevator to meet my appointment, and the person I was meeting said: "Oh! Did you meet Jenny, David? Jenny Shipley, our former Prime Minister. She must be in the buildings today for some sort of event."

So how cool is that? I made chitchat with one of New Zealand's Prime Ministers without even knowing it!


Speaka said...

Wow! That is cool!

Margaret said...

This is a great blog.
It must have been interesting meeting the former Prime Minister in such an informal manner.
What does she do now?
Love to you both,

wayne said...

Sounds like your both enjoying New Zealand and making good use of your incredible opportunities. The travelling stories are great and it sounds like you are meeting some interresting people - including your rugby mates I'm sure.
A bit of news here - just tonight the Oilers lost the 7th game of the Stanley cup to Carolina.