Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ok, yes, I'm kinda getting into this...

My favourite website for checking current times around the world also offers a customizeable countdown tool.

I always swore I wouldn't be one of those brides-to-be who could talk of nothing but wedding planning... but who'd have thought the topic was actually so interesting.... ^_^


wayne said...

that's cool - the countdown
by the way Libby's brown beans with mollasses does not exist. And tha Heinz replacement is like a weak version/excuse - almost no sodium, calories or fat.

Karla said...

I know -- seriously, without all those things like fat, sodium, calories, what's the point?!?

Maybe you could bring dried beans down instead? That way, even if I screw up making proper, molasses-type baked beans, you could still make BeanaSoupa!

G-Plum said...

Well, us Canucks on the left-coast that Dave seems to have forgotten about are happy to see you two are doing well. Tell Dave to get off his butt and send some emails to his friends.

Margaret said...

Hi Karla,
I bet you were shocked to see your Dad at the restaurant.
The whole neighborhood is waiting to see the video of your reaction.....
Happy Birthday for the
14 th. I'll call you on the day.
I've got about six books from the library about table wedding centerpeices.......???!!!
Love to the three of you over there....

Ben said...

YES!!! finally this page is in English. The countdown piece is very cool, if not a little frightning.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Karla. Sorry we missed you folks yesterday.


Margaret said...

I went to the countdown site....eeek!

it makes me feel a sense of urgency! I prefer to ignore deadlines for as long as possible!
I better get going on those centerpeices right away.....and I don't even know what I'm doing yet!
Love you,
Mum XO

Karla said...

Heya Ben! (and mum too) You were all in our thoughts on the birthday feast -- we had more mussels than three hungry Canadians could even eat! One of mine had a partially-digested baby crab in it... cool, eh? Ya never really think about what mussels eat, eh? ^_^