Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Winter Gardening

Maybe it's my Canadian Prairie blood, but there's something downright peculiar about plants growing, and even blooming, in winter.

After spending the remainder of our summer tweaking the garden out back, it is finally starting to take shape. I'm glad I followed the advice of the saleslady in getting some "winter-flowering" plants -- "Winter flowering!" my inner voice had retorted, "Pull the other one, eh?". But sure enough, midwinter is here and the white native jasmine is a monster, and a happily blooming one at that. It definitely brightens up the garden.

There's also this wild, purple weed that is in bloom, and it is terribly cute. The picture just doesnt do it justice... it's this lovely light purple colour with darker purple around the edges. And yet, it's a weed here! (Note, that cute weed is NOT the same cute weed marked in my garden... that one is an autumn-flowering hot pink daisy that can and will grow anywhere, but still responds favourably to being removed from one area to another.)

Other than that, the garden picture speaks for itself... except for, perhaps, the zombified herb garden. We buy potted herbs, and watch them die slowly and horribly on our sunny kitchen windowsill despite our best efforts to pamper them. When the plant death-rattles start, we put them out of their misery by burying them in the backyard. Then, lo and behold, they come back, livelier than ever! The oregano and chives are doing well, but we're still waiting on the basil to rise from its grave. Hooray, undead seasonings!


wayne said...

your mom"lost it" laughing as she read this blog over my shoulder.
She is familiar with the "death rattle".
I now have to watch - the Worlds Fastest Indian at your mom's insistance - I hope I'm still up to it!! Of course I am!!! - you remember Rome perhaps - on the scooter comming back from the catacombs - going faster than we should on a crowded highway where we narrowly missed a head on collision with a truck.

Karla said...

**Remember** the Rome-scooter near-death experience? I'm still going to therapy for it!!! ;-)

Enjoy the movie -- I imagine it's a lot like how most guys wanna get old. Losing your hearing, sure, but still riding a fast motorbike and picking up the chicks!

Margaret said...

Karla, you're not only a Canadian Girl, but also a Prairie Canadian Girl.
I understand your amazement about winter growing plants.
You're going to hate leaving some of those plants behind!
Love from Mum