Saturday, October 28, 2006


Last weekend was New Zealands' Labour Day weekend, so Dave and I decided to take a trip to the south island. After taking the ferry across the channel, then driving for about 2 hours, we arrived at Kaikoura, the most magnificent place I've seen thus far in this spectacular country.

There will be a blog post going over the trip itself, but first are the pictures! I uploaded some here, but then my flickr account ran out of room, so I had to borrow Dave's for the rest. Enjoy the pictures!


Anonymous said...

What great pics.
We are going there?- perhaps on our way to Christchurch.
weather is still holding up here in Winnipeg.

Margaret said...

Wayne,Sherri,Lane and Margaret all gathered
around to look at the photos....the scenery
in NZ is spectacular.
We loved looking at them.
Love from Mum

Karnage said...

Dave looks like quite the wine conniseur, any suggestions?