Wednesday, October 11, 2006

O Negative

As many of you already know, the Kiwis invented many of the world's extreme sports. Apparently there's something in the air here that makes people want do strange, adrenaline-inducing activities such as bungee jumping, or running down a hill in a water-filled plastic hamster ball.

Getting into the spirit of the local culture is a very high priority for me. Granted, I may yet go bungee jumping and hamster-ball-ing, but what to do now? Of course, my courage is nowhere NEAR enough to do the kind of extreme-adrenaline-pumping sporting that my extremely brave friend Lisa does... specifically, she gets her rushes from singing the national anthem at university basketball games! Eeep. I can jump off a cliff, but forget about THAT level of courage. ;-)

So, in contemplating what else might bring me to the brink of terror (and preferably do so frugally), I came across a bulletin board notice at work. It was New Zealand Blood Services calling out for donors. My blood froze at the mere thought.

Which, of course, meant that I had found exactly what I was looking for. Extreme terror, pushing of physical limits, no cost whatsoever, and hey, maybe even saving a life. And free cookies. Sign me up!

(For those of you who don't know, I am the single biggest BABY with needles... I've been known to cry, whine, see spots, and usually faint when getting one. Hence the unadulterated terror.)

Anyhoo, I managed to give a whole half to 3/4 pint before nearly blacking out! The blacking out part wasn't so fun... or at least, I don't think it was fun, but I can't really remember. Nonetheless, I took the ransom out in cookies, and had an excellent excuse for being spacey in my meetings that afternoon. Quite a good experience, and I think I'll shoot for the whole pint next time.

Plus, I got to learn my blood type! O negative. The Japanese use blood types as horoscopes... Apparently O's are like this. Weird, eh? ;-)


britincanada said...

water-filled plastic hamster ball

Now that looks like fun .
I could see myself wayne and don right now rollin down lodge ave right now trying not to spill the beers .

Well take cares guys
yours Clive

Karla said...

Well, there goes the neighbourhood... ;-)

That would be a sight indeed! Maybe you can convince dad to bring one back in his luggage?

britincaada said...

now theres an idea how much for one of them babys?

Anonymous said...

well it is afi and amma again just to say hi to the two of you it is sat oct14 and all is well spoke to wayne and faye today we got our snow this week .we are getting ready for our local election for the city of brandons counsel and mayor and school trustees i will likely work as dro again amma ios quite involed with her bowling an of course her ex workers coffee nites and i go regulary to my meetings wed and fri pms yard sales on sat and sun amma and afi

Faye said...

Hmmm...interesting, considering your dad's blood type is AB. JUST KIDDING! Anyway, I thought O negatives's had to get a transfusion or something. I might have skipped out on that science class.

wayne said...

Hey Karla,
good going - I'm responding from a hotel in Calgary and it is snowing. Spent the day meeting with the Community Foundations of Canada then went for a walk this evening and visited some of the homeless people sleeping outside in this rich city.
I don't know what the answer is but we are absolutely not there yet. I am still wondering why I encountered no homeless people on the streets of Wellington despite wandering aroud all over the place.
take care and we will see you in 2 months.

Margaret said...

I'm afraid you got your fear of neeeeeedles from your Mum...EEEK!
Well done Karla,
Love you,

Anonymous said...

we want more BLOG