Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ebbing Willpower

Before going into the weekend's madness, otherwise known as the Sevens, allow me first to declare that work bulletin boards can be terrible for one's willpower.

02/02/2007 by Indigo Freya
Statistics New Zealand Bulletin

Rabbit and all accessories for sale $95.00

Dwarf rabbit, chocolate brown and only about 3 months old. No idea what sex, haven't looked! - plus you usually can't tell until they're about 4 months old.
Beautiful hutch that cost over $150 about a year ago and was hardly used until a month ago! Food, drink bottle, bag of straw all included.
We just got it, but can't keep it when we move so better for the rabbit to find a new loving home soon!
email or call Indigo 4858

Must...resist... cute baby bunny!!! Waaah.....


wayne said...

What will-POWER.I can't beleive you resisted.

Rob said...

$95 for a chocolate rabbit? that's a little steep don't you think? i'd wait a couple months until after easter when everything goes on sale.

Patrick said...

There's always room for one more at 1100 Aldea when you arrive back in Ottawa.

By the way, it's -37 here today -- just in case you weren't enjoying Wellington enough already.

Super Bowl wasn't the same without you Dave.

Margaret said...

Something tells me that the minute you settle back in Ottawa, there's either going to be a dog or a bunny added to Karla and Davids' family!
Whoever would have thought that a tiny conceited, anti-social bunny called Luna would have inspired such affection.
Including mine.
Love from Margaret

Karla said...

Crisis averted -- the bunny has sold. (And not to me.) I did make myself known to the seller, though, that if the buyer ever needs a bunny-sitter...

Hooray for willpower! To celebrate, I think I'll buy myself a dress. ;-) (Oh, the irony!)

Anonymous said...


i'm in ireland!! is there a red dot for me??!

xo taylor

Anonymous said...

hi karla and dave , well it is amma and afi bdn mb and all is well , it looks like a busy times atre before us [a] ont in may for a granddaughters grad and some thing happening in van bc sept 07 to a very nice couple we know boy these granddaughters do all these nice things good luck girls . amma and afi love you