Thursday, February 22, 2007

More excitement

Today was a big day for me at work. A guest post that I'd written for Russell Brown's Public Address blog got published. To my knowledge, this is the first time a public service agency has ever posted on a blog in this way on a public policy issue still in development, especially under the name of a fairly junior joker like myself.

For those who are interested in stuff like this (and obviouosly to bask in my own glory and self-congratulation for a second), this would be like Paul Wells or Warren Kinsella (both big deal bloggers in Canada) having a policy analyst explain how the federal government is thinking about the future of democracy in Canada. I just happen to be the policy analyst. How sweet is that!?

More importantly, Karla and I are off to French Polynesia tomorrow night. We'll be there for a week.

How sweet is that? Life is good.


Ernie said...

Congrats on both, but I'm predicting more enjoyment out of a week in Tahiti with your fiancee than getting published.

In related news, the temperature in Toronto climbed above 0 today!

G-Plum said...

Kudos yet again Dave.

As a note, the temperature has been hovering between 8 and 10 degrees here in Victoria and the cherry blossoms are starting to come out. Life here is very good - yes, this is another dig at our friends in Ontario :)

G-Plum said...

Hi Dave and Karla. I've updated my blog, have a look.