Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Oh My God.

I'm sitting at work, at my normal work computer, looking out at normal NZ-August weather, reading normal emails and sorting my normal desk, having a normal day in my normal NZ life, when the thought dawns on me...

A month today, we're getting married.

(Uhm, what happened to that nearly-two-year-engagement that was supposed to elapse beforehand??)


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Tomas said...

Where does the time all go - though, from the blog and the flickr sites - let's be honest - you have both had some 'grand' times in Oceania. Karla - you will soon have to remove the part about you being a 'bachelorette statistician!!'

I think you guys leave in less than a week, Tschernst shall miss ya both...but next time I have some NZ wine or a fruity cocktail, it will bring back those awesome Cairns, Melbourne, Whitsunday Islands and Wellington memories!!!

All the best with your Cnd. transition...