Sunday, August 12, 2007


Well, I can officially say the last two weeks have been madness. Fun, but madness. So, here be an update, in the shortest possible form:

August 3, goodbye tea for me at work: Very sweet gathering of co-workers to say goodbye. Funny speech from the boss, whereas what my speech lacked in eloquence, it made up for in sincerity. I got a lovely card and some neat gifts... including some lovely paua jewelry. Good times!

August 4, last day of work: Started the drinking early with a local wine, but didn't get out of there as early as hoped. (Who knew sorting emails took that long?!) Partied well into the eve with colleagues.

August 5, Dave's last rugby game, and celebrations to follow. Needless to say, the man was not in good shape after this day... and it had little to do with actual rugby. ^_^

August 6, no-more-stuff day. We got rid of all our stuff this day. No bed. Luckily there was a great hostel nearby we stayed at, and used this as our base to clean up the house. Cleaned til 7am.

More to come, they're paging our flight! See you all soon!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome Home! Almost it's 3:30 pm here in Wpg on Sunday and NZ airline website indicated your fight has arrived (in LA.
You're probably in the business lounge right now!
Wayne (Dad)