Sunday, January 18, 2009

hung over blog


My head feels like it's been run over by a train, I've been spending most of the morning in the foetal position, and even water is not staying down. This is definitely the worst hangover I've had in years.

But why, given my state of unwellness, would I blog about this? Simple -- blogging is an excellent way to avoid cleaning up downstairs, which is riddled with half-full cups of alcohol, whose scent is most unwelcome to me right now.

So, instead, let me tell you about last night.

Last night was our official housewarming party, where we had an open-house-style soiree and invited basically everyone we know. There were not a ton of RSVPs, so I had no idea what to expect.

The day had had a dubious start. Being procrastinators, Dave and I had left ALL the cleaning until that day. (And of course, knowing the party would force us to clean, we'd been letting the house slide into filth-ridden chaos for the last week or two.) Aside from the fact that cleaning is an extremely nonfun activity, it is all the more exacerbated by the fact that cleaning is the one task at which Dave and I do not work well together AT ALL. It was a tense afternoon.

But, the house was gleaming with a full hour to spare, so the ensuing step of prepping party nibbles went much more smoothly. The glass of wine in my hand probably helped too. ;-)

The first guests to arrive were my former colleague, his wife, and their 7-month-old baby. It was great to see them, and their being at the party turned out to be excellent strategy -- as more people arrived, there were more people to pass the baby to, thereby giving mum and dad some time to enjoy the party. It didn't hurt that the kid was the smiliest, flirtiest baby I've ever come across, either.

The house filled up quite quickly, and then the party began in earnest. The music was excellent (thank you, "it's the rub"!), the turnout was fantastic (40 people?), and the booze was a-flowin'. Interspersed throughout the night were nickel-tours of the house, which everyone seemed to really like. The library (2nd bedroom) was a favourite, as it houses a wide array of books, graphic novels, comics, pictures, and action figures. There's even a Commodore64 monitor hooked up to a fully-funtional Super Nintendo, for those who love going old-school. ;-) Yay, vintage Mario Kart!

Anyhow, the evening was a success beyond even my hopes. We had a house full of fantastic people, many of whom had come significant distances to join the party. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, the food was highly complimented (especially the Grandpa Hume cookies), and the only beverage we ran out of was ginger ale. A jam session began in the basement around midnight, which then added a whole new dimension to the party.

Everything wound up at 5:30, after which Dave and I stayed up a bit longer to revel in how marvellously it all went.

It was about then, and on my seventh+ glass of wine, that I realized I'd forgotten to eat dinner. Hence the hangover. And the cigar probably didn't help either.

Well, the post is over... time to get cleaning. :-P Yay for fun parties! :-D

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