Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Arrival

Hello, Nala! Isn't she a cutie?

Some months ago, while I was researching animal rescue shelters, I came across New Moon Rabbit Rescue. It's an Ottawa-based organization specializing in domesticated bunnies, and it operates through a network of foster homes... of which more are always needed.

Sometimes, ill-informed rabbit owners will release the bunny into the wild once they tire of the pet, thus condemning the poor animal to any number of horrible fates. Domesticated bunnies are not equipped to live outdoors like their wild cousins; they have no knowledge of how to find food or shelter, and they are more susceptible to parasites and disease. New Moon rescues these bunnies, nurtures them back to health, and resocializes the poor, scared creatures until the rabbit is ready for adoption.

Nala was found wandering around Vanier with another bunny, probably her son. Some weeks after being brought in, Nala's health took a sudden turn for the worse, and it looked like she could likely die. Luckily, swift medical intervention prevailed, and she is now happily hopping about. I am fostering her and keeping an eye on her health, eventually with the aim of getting her completely healthy and ready for a forever-home adoption.

Until then, we are spending time together, and she is slowly getting used to the new surroundings. I look forward to getting to know her better. :-)

Welcome, Nala!

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lucky bunny!