Monday, April 23, 2007

I "bleg" forgiveness

Okay--so I'm wayyyy behind telling you about our further adventures kayaking in the Abel Tasman. This is compounded especially because Karla and I are off again to visit Dunedin in the deep South Island. So there'll be even more to tell you about when we get back.

The thing is, I've been completely bombed at work. I actually should be working now, but thought I'd take a quick break to explain myself to you all. Anyway, hopefully by the end of this week, we should be all cleared up.

A couple cool things I thought I'd mention though.

  1. Graham Fox, a friend and former colleague from my KTA-Crossing Boundaries days, has just won the Ontario Progressive Conservative nomination for Ottawa-Orleans. He'll be battling it out for a seat in Ontario's legislature, Queen's Park, this October. I'm not usually a supporter of Conservative candidates, but this time will be a definite exception. Graham is a hugely talented guy and has a lot of great ideas. So I'm excited to help him out once we get back.
  2. Don Lenihan, my old boss from KTA-Crossing Boundaries is arriving in Wellington next week to give a workshop and some speeches here in NZ. It'll be great to see him. Don is a very fun , very smart guy. He even has a new book out. It's been a while, so it will be great to catch up on all the Ottawa gossip, talk some shop, and maybe press for some job leads in O-town! Yay jobs!

That's all for now...will get on that post ASAP, I promise!

UPDATE: Tomas tells me the link to Don's book was broken. All is fixed now! You can also head to and find it there as well.


kiwilauren said...

That'd be pretty cool. How do you put a counter on your blog? I'm getting really excited for NZ, and it will be great to meet up with you there! I'm a little stressed right now though just with preparations and everything.... it's pretty much insane at this point. But once everything is in place, I can just sit back and enjoy the ride!!!!

Karla said...

Yes indeed, welcome to the wonderful nightmare of getting a Visa! ;-) Luckily, if you're staying for less than a year, you probably won't have to give 11 phials of blood for testing. Gyaaaah...

Tomas said...

Good to see old Don is back! Your link to his book is broken, I would be interested in seeing his latest...

Sounds like you guys can't stop having fun...I am trying to keep up with you! Tonight I take in some elite culture at Sydney opera House. On another note, I should be, with 80% certainty, in NZ around June 25-June 28...hope to see you guys there!