Monday, April 16, 2007

The Star Wars Personality Test

In a mutual moment of boredom, David and I decided to do an online personality test... Star Wars style. Yes, we are nerds. Anyhoo, the results gave us a laugh, and perhaps they will for you, too.

Karlas' Star Wars Personality
Open-mindedness of Yoda, Moff Tarkin's conscientiousness, Lando's outgoingness, R2D2's neuroticism, and... err... I'm as agreeable as Emperor Palpatine. (Dave really found that one funny.)

Davids' Star Wars Personality
Dave got the same for open-mindedness and outgoingness, but with Han Solo's level of organization, Princess Leia's level of unruffledness, and the agreeability of Obi Wan. Hey, how did he get all the main characters?!

Better yet, you can take the test and comment with how YOUR results turned out! ;-)


wayne said...

Hey Karla
The hotel is awesome.
Basically a 2 bedrom apartment for 179 with hotel amenities and shuttle service.
I took the star wars test and I am totally cool - according to their assessment.
we are all haing trouble posting on your blog. Mom wrote out a long response with no success.
I just reregistered.

Margaret said...

hey its mom trying to log in

wayne said...


Chelsea said...

Great work.