Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Sad Goodbye to Bindy

Love her or hate her, it's sad to see her go. It takes a certain kind of bravery for a woman to elbow her way into the cockfighting world of Canadian politics. Let alone one whose potential merit would be so often dismissed due to her youth and beauty.

I may not have always agreed with her decisions, her conduct, her ideas, etc., but she has my respect and admiration for rolling up her sleeves and getting into the fight. More women need to, else Canadian politics will remain the chauvinistic mire it is today.

We lost a key player. It is a sad day, today.


Dave said...

Gotta agree. I hated the way she was treated in the media and by other politicians. I mean, one Conservative guy called her a 'whore' for God's sake. Would a male politician of any stripe have to put up with that sort of crap? I think not.

One of her biggest weaknesses was that she didn't bring the fight to the packs of dogs that were always nipping at her heels. A sharper tongue and some more hard headedness would have served her well. For instance, back when she crossed the floor, she was critical of Harper but really treated him with kid gloves in the name of civility. In my books, she should have come out blasting.

If there's one political lesson from Belinda's time in Canadian politics it's this: you can't expect power and respect to just come your way. Sometimes you gotta go out and take 'em.

Faye said...

Back from Florida. home sweet home.