Sunday, September 10, 2006

Coromandel shout out

Really quick post to say Karla and I have been holidaying in the Coramandel peninsula, near-ish to Auckland. Very pretty and rural with lots of seascapes and mountains. Even thermal springs right on a beach! The only downside is rain rain rain rain rain.

We had a beautiful first day but since then it's chucked it down. We're still having fun though! Tonight we're in Thames, and tomorrow we're back to Auckland for our flight home. Will have lots of pics to share once we get back to Wellington. Karla has been taking some fantastic shots (and I even have a good few in there too). Talk soon!


wayne said...

For us in Manitoba we could sure use some of that rain - it's been the dryest summer since the thirties they say. I'ts good that you are taking time to holliday.

Karla said...

Woo hoo! Further update, Dave's Star Alliance Elite status is still active, so I'm writing after free glass of wine #2 at the KORU LOUNGE! ;-) The food spread here is much better than the Air Canada fare, too... Hooray!

Margaret said...

Hi Karla and Dave,
We gave you a call on Friday night and left a message.
We figured you would be out travelling somewhere.
Glad you had a good time!
Love from Winnipeg!

Sharon said...

Hi David and Karla - love you blog.
Sounds like NZ is being good to both of you - what with beefy prizes, promotions and free booze at the airports.

David I was wondering if you could send me your email address - I am hoping you might be able to do me a favour while you are in Wellington.
My email is

thanks Sharon