Friday, September 29, 2006


My summer clothes have grown MOULD.

Mould. How gross can you get? What is WRONG with this country?!?!

It's been bad enough that, for the past 7 months, I've had to limit myself to outfits suitable for sustained (indoor!) exposure to 15C. A damp 15C. I'm a central-heating-phile Canadian... how many friggin outfits like that do you think I own?!?! Maybe 10?

So, much to the disgust of my fashion sense, I've been wearing and rewearing (and rewearing) these ten outfits. FOR SEVEN MONTHS. I look like a homeless fashion victim. My workmates must think I'm living out of a backpack.

But that's ok. Because warmer weather is coming, and maybe one day -- one day -- I'll be able to once again express myself through my beloved clothing. My beloved, painstakingly-chosen, often expensive, and absolutely integral-to-my-sanity clothing. They plead to me, "Karla... Karla... when are you going to wear us again? You havent forgotten about us, have you? We love you!"... to which I, with a heart full of sadness, must say "Soon, soon. The weather is warming, and soon we can be together again."

Today, it was finally a bit warmer. Not warm enough for summer clothes, mind you, but I just couldnt take waiting any longer. I don't care, I'll just be cold. My poor clothes...

So I gleefully pull out all my summer clothes, only to see... green spots? Brown fuzz?! What the -- ?!?!!?

New Zealand's shoddy infrastructure has violated my beloved clothing. My inner sanctum is covered in MOULD. THIS IS NOT OK.

So now, I get to spend my weekend lovingly resuscitating (hand-washing) my beauties. As if I didnt already have enough to do. Mould... what is WRONG with this country?!?!!?


wayne said...

Too bad about the mould - could be a good excuse for some new clothes.
We don't have mould here in Manitoba but we have an equally frustrating situation. It seems that clothes (mostly mine) experience shrinkage when sitting for a couple of years in a perfectly dry non-environmentally challenged closet. The problem seems to be most pronounced in the waistband of some of my very favourite pants. The length doesn't seem to have been affected.

Anonymous said...




ps. kingston is rainier than scotland. And more bugs. Again, barf (version 2.0).

Amanda and Kendra said...

thats too bad about the mould.. but a girl can never have enough reasons to spend some dosh on expanding ones wardrobe especially when they are legit... things are fine and dandy here in ottawa.. mom and dad just came back from a few days in new york state shopping.. even with a bad no let me rephrase that terrible hip my mother still finds the will to shop not for herself not for my dad but for the one and only miss kendra.. for example i was in holt renfrew the other day and some how walked out with a pair of burberry hightop sneekers for kendra and a shirt for kendra from madonnas new chinldrens line "the london rose" it shocks me how no matter where we are i can walk out with an item for kendra and then half the time not see anything for myself.. anyways splurge and treat yourself to some new threads... love ya

Margaret said...

Dad (Wayne) read your comments to me, and I had a good laugh!
Hey, it just sounds like a good excuse for a shopping spree to me!
Love you...Mum XXO

Anonymous said...

dear karla and dave well i just typed you a long paragraph and went to send it but my computer skills kicked in and i toutched some thing and lost it wave of mysteries action so we wish you continuing good luck thanks again amma and afi

Anonymous said...

p s ,plese note the [i] that is missing in my last note and amma reminded me that i did not wish you a happy thanksgiving,so we wish you a very happy what oh thanksgiving ha love you a+a