Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pink Ginners Prize Giving

Last night we had the team dinner, where they handed out awards for the year.

I got two! Best Foreign Player and a certificate for my 'player of the day' performance a while back.

Karla got one as well...Best Foreign Supporter. She is a totally deserving recipient of such an honor.

In short, she rocks!


Speaka said...


wayne said...

hey Dave,
I can attest to how very serious the Kiwis are about rugby so congrats on the honour. Having watched one of your games while there in August I can confirm that despite the sound of the team name - this is serious business. I especially commend you for bringing down that big guy ( # 8 I think) as he was mowing through your team.
A special congratulations to the best foreign supporter - as again I can attest - finding shelter (or a seat) anywhere near the field to get out of the damp coldish wind while waiting for the team to come out. Then standing in the mucky sidelines ( not having the opportunity to roll in it as you and your teamates did). Then trying to figure out who was winning (from the opposition's supporters) was all in all quite a challenge and an awful lot of fun - not to mention the Cambridge afterward.Good going Karla

Anonymous said...

hi you lucky people congratulations on winnings thats great, well amma and afi are well and tomorrow we head for ottawa to visit faye and doug in there new home,weather here is very nice but oct can be nice or nasty, i recall one oct 8 that there was 4 feet of snow and also a nov 11 we were in golfing weather quite a difference well we send our love and best wishes to a lovely couple , amma and afi by ps karla did you notice i just said nice things about guess who [ha]

Margaret said...

Just to let you know...
That part of Wayne's New Zealand tape with Dave taking down that big guy in the rugby game is now
being seen by all Karla's
family. I've been making tapes up of our trip to PEI
and I've added the NZ tape at the end of it, so they can see K & D in New Zealand!