Friday, September 15, 2006

It's Official

...Dave and I have officially felt our first New Zealand earthquake. Or in my case, my first earthquake ever.

We live on a busy street that feeds into a highway, so I had just assumed it was a rather large truck passing. Dave came in, excited, and told me it definitely wasn't... apparently earthquakes feel slightly different than trucks, and anyways, no trucks go by here at ten to midnight. Makes sense.

Apparently earthquakes are very common here, and probably more than a dozen have happened in the last few months, but they have thus far been so inconsiderate as to occur in the middle of the night. For those of you who know Dave and I, it takes a lot more than a little earth-shaking to wake either of us, so we've missed them all.

But not anymore! Hooray!


wayne said...

OH NO - extreme caution must prevail - and take ever measure possible.

Speaka said...

You are now true Wellingtonians! I think we felt 5 or 6 in our 13 months stay in NZ.

britincanada said...

earthquake and moveing earth

you sure you guys have never felt the earth move

strange jenn feel the earth move all the time she says

Amanda and Kendra said...

earthquakes are neat.. i learned a few years ago that ottawa is on a earthquake line or whatever the scientific term is for places that frequantly have quakes and can remember a few times feeling little rumbles and they would only last a few seconds but very cool indeed.. ottawa sends their love and richard so kindly printed a copy of your email to show to nanny karla...xoxo

Anonymous said...

OK the ground moves gardening in winter weird insects people that call soccer football where are you the other side of the planet or something

Margaret said...

Hi Karla,
I'm not sure that I want to hear about earthquakes
or other scary things like bungy jumping while you guys are there!
Love from Mum

P.S. Karla, I haven't
received any emails from your new address yet.
I'm still sending to your hotmail account.