Friday, September 01, 2006

A Very Good Week

This has been a very good week. Work's been very busy, but it's nice -- the days go by quickly, and it's a welcome change of pace to the still-only-learning mode. My project proposal has gotten approved for funding for the coming year, so work will start on that next week. That will be very exciting to get started on... writing the definitive set of standards and guidelines for Editing & Imputation for all Statistics New Zealand is such a great opportunity to be involved in, let alone leading!!!

More tangibly, however, several other events have made this week especially good. For one, humanity has once again survived SkyNet day (Aug 29... and if you get this reference, you're a nerd too!) ;-) Today, Sept 1, is officially New Zealands' first day of spring, and the weather's been incredible. Bright sunshine, a mellow, dry wind, and a balmy 15C collectively do wonders for the human spirit. You can even see, on the busy streets, people actually smiling and wearing bright colours -- the latter being especially surprising for Wellington, the official capital of black.

Another neat thing about Sept 1 is that it is now exactly 1 year until the wedding. Somehow, it seems realer now. (Naturally, that's a good thing, except for that nagging feeling that I shouldn't be procrastinating as much now!) ;-) Dave, being the romantic gentleman that he is, began the celebrations for our "-1st Wedding Anniversary" by showing up at my work with red roses. He's so great. In another hour, we're getting dolled up to continue the festivities at a fancy restaurant, Logan Brown.

And, as if that wasn't enough reasons to be happy about Sept 1, there's one more... it's the effective date of the PROMOTION I snagged!!!! ^_^ I had kept my application, endorsement procedure, interviews, etc. more or less quiet so as to avoid jinxing anything... but yesterday afternoon I was told that I got it, and with good supporting feedback to boot!

What this means for the job is that I'll be doing essentially the same job, but with more responsibility, more autonomy, and higher expectations with respect to leadership, initiative, involvement and overall job performance and quality. Apparently there's also a bump up in pay, too, but I did this mostly to stretch professionally... and something tells me I definitely will be, soon!


wayne said...

Congratulations Karla on your project approval and promotion; we are not entirely surprised as your mom and I know howextremely diligent (not be confused with rigid), thourough (is that spelled right?) and creative (oh yes) you are.
And good on Dave for the (-1) anniversary, and the roses, and the restaurant. Looked at the link - pretty nice!! Could be a candidate for a night out with the "rents"??

Speaka said...

Congrats at the new job!

Faye said...

Hey Karla, good going on the increased responsibilities! and glad you're having the time of your life. So am I while I have Taylor in town; she's fresh from Scotland, but on her way back to Queen's come Wednesday. sigh

Taylor said...

Dudette! Way to be fabulous! Congrats with love!

How cute is your fiancee?! anniversary -1... seriously, how do you make them do those things? ... can I download it?

I am back in our home and native land these days... extremo weird at present but things are going pretty well. Back at uni next week to go wrap up that degree then on to more adventures!!!

Glad you're keeping well!

xx Tay

Margaret said...

Well, Taylor made me laugh with her comment.....
I'll add my 'congrats' on the job stuff! That's exactly what you went to NZ for...adventure and challenge!
Lots of love from Mum XXOO

Anonymous said...

test from wayne

Anonymous said...

hi karla it is afi trying to send this note afi

Anonymous said...

dear karla and and and dave well what exciting news you send to us we are so prowd of our grand daughters very successful vocational progress[but not surprised]having in the past tense noticed your abilities to progress in each adventures, pardon the last short message as wayne was helping me on getting it to work so best of luck karla and [one and] dave love you amma and afi

Amanda and Kendra said...

hey karla good stuff and congrats on the job... glad to hear things are going well... david is such a sweet guy.... i browsed through the link and the menu looked yummy.. new zealand is a really neat place... well keep up all your good work it sure is paying off..

Margaret said...

Hi Karla and Dave,
I was just checking your blog and I saw that Afi finally got through with a comment. I was so happy to see it.
Right now I'm making a third tape for JoJo because she wants one of the Chater party and the house hunting with 'the Fun Family'. One of the real estate people said our car looked like a clown car when all the
people piled out of it...
I think there were 9 of us!
I also wanted to tell David
(again) that the last blog about Wayne visiting was great!
Love from Winnipeg
Mum XO