Wednesday, May 30, 2007

And Now for a Special Announcement

Happy Birthday to Andy and Mike! Besides being two of my favourite fellas, you also hold the distinction of being the Hunkiest He-Statisticians around**!

This one is Mike, a former room-mate of Daves', and the guy who introduced us. In this picture, Dave appears to be... threatening him? I have no idea what's going on, but they seem to be having fun anyways. (Boys are weird sometimes!)

And here is Andy, surrounded (as usual) by beautiful women. Dude, you seriously need to write a book about how ya do that -- most guys would pay big money to know!

Anyhoo, happy birthday to you both, and hope you had a great time. :-) Dave and I'll have a drink (or three) for ya.

**Particularly since the former titleholder has flown the coop to be a flight attendant.


Anonymous said...

yeah you're right but who is that girl in the down filled vest - Is she from Manitoba?

Karla said...

No, dad -- That would be Analise, girlfriend of the aformentioned Mike, and proud child of BC.

(To recap, she and Mike were the ones that hooked us up with the sweet rainforest cabin on the Franz Josef trip.)

Bob said...

Hi Karla... hope everything's awesome in NZ.. as for the comments on the side thing, it's super easy if you're using the new blogger thing. If you go to the "template" tab, on the right side somewhere it'll say "add page element".. click that, choose "feed" and then enter the url for your rss comment feed (something like

Hope this helps!